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Rotomoulding Machine

Rotomoulding machine is not very complex equipment which works on different mechanism for obtaining the desirable level of mould rotation based on cooling, heating. Commercial and heavy duty Rotomoulding Machines can be designed in different configurations like Bi-Axial, Three Arm Bi-Axial Rotomoulding Machines as well as in different types like Rock-and-Roll machines.

Bi-axial machine is composed of 3/4 arms and a moving oven wherein mold is passed through heating employing hot air to heat up the mold. The Mold is suspended on the arm that rotates it in two direction, therefore this process is known as bi-axial. The process is minutely regulated through using varied parameters of molding mechanism, so assuring of the production of fine-quality products, besides higher throughput because of consistent process without glitch and three arms.