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Rotational Moulds

We design this mould from high-grade M.S. Steel or S.S. Steel and in different specifications and capacities differing from 100 to 30000 liters.Horizontal Tank Mould is preferred where the space and height are less, we prepare this type of mould from S.S. and Mild Steel in varied specifications including size and capacity level varying from 100 to 10000 liters.Big Vertical Tank Mould is fabricated by us from top-grade S.S. and mild steel in configurations necessitated by clients in terms of size and capacity ranging from 10000 to 30000 liters

Septic Tank Mould or Underground Tank Mould is prepared by us in a design that can easily be placed in the underground from high-strength S.S. and other types of Steel in desired specifications including size and capacities spanning from 100 to 10000 liters.Spherical Tank Mould or Round Tank Mould is novel in concept, preferably serves as a water storage tank or sewage tank. We fabricate this type of mould from different kinds of S.S. in required specifications in terms of size and capacity including between 1000 and 10000 liters.